We have rebranded, Wellevations is now Vitalization Wellness.

Vitalization Wellness.

From our inception to our multidisciplinary approach, guiding people to vitality and wellbeing, one step at a time, has been at the heart of our mission.

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Our Mission & Vision

At Vitalization Wellness, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to thrive by redefining wellbeing, providing holistic solutions, and offering unwavering support. We envision a world where everyone experiences the interconnected dimensions of wellness, leading to a vitalized, fulfilling life.

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About Us

Our Team

Randy Free

Randy, from a Texan rice farming community to an international tax partner, discovered his true passion through earning an MA in Mental Health Counseling. With 30+ years of corporate success and psychoanalytical training, he serves as coach and counselor, empowering clients to reach their full potential.

Sonya Ware

Sonya, an experienced entrepreneur and executive coach, leverages 15+ years of diverse leadership to empower high-performing clients. Her distinctive approach drives behavioral changes and transformative actions, benefiting professionals, including C-level executives, at organizations like Shell, Pfizer, and the United Way.

Nicole Carson

Dr. Nicole Carson, a Clinical Nutrition specialist with a Doctorate from Palmer Chiropractic College, prioritizes holistic patient care. She's certified in the Graston Technique and skilled in massage therapy. Dr. Carson integrates education and exercise into her therapy with highly customized treatments for injury recovery.

Amanda Holben

Amanda Holben is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian who provides nutrition counseling using a non-diet, strengths-based approach to help individuals reach their personal nutrition goals. She applies the principles of intuitive eating to create a safe space where clients can effectively make & maintain nutritional change.

Stephanie Frey

Stephanie, as a co-founder of Vitalization Wellness with over 20 years of experience in clinical psychology, guides individuals and couples to reach their highest potential. Stephanie holds a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a State Approved Supervisor for LPC and LMFT Counseling Interns.

Debbie Brod

Debbi Brod, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, fosters purpose and fulfillment in individuals and couples with a modern, compassionate approach. She integrates cognitive and emotional intelligence, empowers clients to overcome obstacles and achieve personal growth, and strengthens relationships.

Kris Miller

For over twenty years, Dr. Miller has been coaching people to thrive in all aspects of life. His expertise in human change and flourishing can help find fulfillment even in challenging times. He uses the powerful influence of compassionate care and coaching in implementing lifestyle changes to increase overall wellbeing.

Jeff Frey

With an MBA, Engineering Masters, and PhD in Emotional Intelligence, Jeff's academic knowledge coupled with many years of experience in C-Level corporate leadership positions gives him an ability to see through life's struggles and help clients get to researched-baked real-world results quickly with lasting impact.

about Vitalization Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take to see results from your services?

Our goal is to create immediate actionable items during your first coaching appointment. However, we understand that sustainable change often takes time, just like building a new habit. While some clients may experience positive shifts in their wellbeing after a few sessions, long-term transformation usually requires ongoing commitment. Our practitioners work with you to set achievable goals and track your progress, ensuring that you see significant results in the shortest amount of time possible. Starting with one aspect of wellbeing heading in a positive direction pulls the other aspects of life along with it.

How do I know if a particular specialist is suitable for my needs?

We offer various ways to help you find a specialist who aligns with your unique requirements. Our coaches act as matchmakers, assisting you in identifying a suitable practitioner for your specific goals. Additionally, we provide free "fit" sessions to allow you to gauge the compatibility and rapport with a practitioner before committing to ongoing sessions. At Vitalization Wellness, we have a diverse team of specialists from different walks of life, each equipped with a unique skill set and expertise. If you or your organization need multilingual support, we also offer assessments and appointments in languages other than English to ensure comfort and understanding.

What distinguishes your services from traditional coaching, counseling, or wellness clinics?

Vitalization Wellness offers a comprehensive approach to wellbeing, distinguishing our services from traditional methods. We create shared treatment plans that involve a collaborative team of practitioners to address the specific needs of individuals and organizations; guided by our clients in partnership with on of our coaches. Our one-stop-shop model allows access to a wide range of services, from assessments to coaching and specialized appointments. We offer the ability to assess groups in bulk and provide reports on their collective needs, promoting a wellness-focused work culture that thrives.

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