At Vitalization Wellness, we believe in the power of assessments as a crucial starting point on the journey to wellbeing. Assessments serve as a compass, guiding us to a clear understanding of our strengths, needs, and potential areas for growth. They provide an objective view of overall health and happiness, allowing coaches and specialists to tailor wellness plans designed to address the needs of individuals and employee groups.


Our assessments are meticulously designed to evaluate various dimensions of your life, covering physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, spiritual, vocational, financial, recreational, environmental, and organizational aspects. By delving into these interconnected dimensions, we create a holistic and multifaceted view of your wellbeing. This comprehensive approach enables us to provide a deeper and more insightful perspective on your overall health and happiness.

A Powerful Tool: Assessments scores over time track transformation.

Assessments play a pivotal role in ensuring that your wellbeing journey is both informed and effective. By identifying strengths and areas that require attention, assessments help make informed decisions, set achievable goals, and measure progress along the way.


Kevin K.
Assessment and Coaching Plan

"The initial assessment provided great insights, but what truly amazed me was the reassessment six months later. It's one thing to feel the changes, but seeing the positive shifts in the numbers was really validating.”

October 2023
Sarah M.
Corporate HR Director

"I wholeheartedly recommend any company to sign up for your services. The insights we gained about our employees were invaluable. It allowed us to tailor our corporate wellness programs more effectively, leading to happier and healthier employees.

August 2023

Validation through Psychometrics

Our assessments are not just a collection of questions; they are scientifically validated through rigorous psychometric processes. This validation ensures that the assessments are reliable, accurate, and effective in measuring the various dimensions of your wellbeing. By partnering with third-party experts in psychometrics, we have solidified the credibility of our assessments, giving you the confidence that the insights they provide are based on sound scientific principles.

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Whether you are an individual seeking personal growth or a corporation focused on employee wellness, our validated assessments are the cornerstone of your path to vitality. Let's start by gathering some information to better understand your needs and guide you on your journey to thriving. Please take a moment to share your details with us.

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